Citizen Dye Sub Photo Printer


Citizen Dye Sub Photo Printer

In the dye-sub printers section, you will find a range of instant photo printers that all fundamentally use the technology of a dye-diffusion process. The process combines dry ink-dye ribbons with matching thermal photo paper rolls.  It creates incredible quality photos that look like traditional printed photos in seconds, not hours. Unlike inkjet or laser printers these dye-subs can produce high-quality photos quickly and reliably with predictable cost per print for common photo sizes. This printing technology is also called Thermal Photo Printer.

Citizen Photo Printer

Trusted photo manufacturers, Citizen, demonstrate their commitment to the sector with new partnerships to herald a bright future despite Mitsubishi exiting the global dye-sub photo printer market as of the 31st of March this year. Citizen Dye Sub Photo Printer’s new partnerships extend to photographers and photography businesses.  Also, the segment also considers wedding photographers, photo booth operators, school photographers, retail kiosks and more.

Also, Citizens’ commitment to producing innovative solutions within the photo sector shows no sign of slowing and is excited to announce a new alliance with Kepler Tech LLC. Boasting 7 years of serving the industry and unbeatable customer service. Also, Kepler Tech LLC is now welcomed as a Citizen Official Photo Reseller with effective plans to offer Citizen Photo printers to their customers and to integrate them into their market-leading photo solutions all over the Middle East and Africa.

Dye sub thermal Photo printer

Ease of Use: 

This super-effective printer by Citizen provides the ultimate using advantage. You can smoothly connect it to a computer, photo booth system or third-party printing software through the cable.


 How can we not talk about super portability? The CX-02 printer permits its users to print and share memories regardless of the location. Therefore, You can carry it wherever you need it because it’s lightweight and easy to use. It lets you execute your needs anywhere.


No worries if you run short of time. This printer delivers instantly product water-resistant and dry photos.

Printing Resolution:

 Citizen CX-02 printers provide 600X600 DPI prints in different sizes such as 6×2 inches, 6” X4”, 6” X8” without changing the paper kit of course, 5” X7” with an optional media Kit

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