Citizen Dye Sublimation Photo Printers

 Citizen, the leading printer manufacturer introduced its new CY02 Dye Sublimation Photo Printers to address event photography and quick low-cost photo producers to complete their photo print on demand.

Photo and event Printer


Media Specifications

The compact portable printer can produce a high-quality 6” X4” print at an outstanding speed of 15 seconds. The printing cost is economic @ cost of AED 0.35(US$0.09).  Feeding the roll paper of 6” X8” prints, customers can make 2X4”X6”, 5”X7” and 6”X8” pictures. Its doesn’t demand without Media or ribbon. Also, the customer can choose Matte or Gloss finish surface without changing the paper.

It prints in 300X300 dpi using high-speed and 300X600 dpi using high-resolution printing modes. While using high resolutions mode, a 6” X4” print takes less than 20 seconds to produce. And which is about an additional ¼ of time when printing in speed mode.  In addition, 31 seconds for 5” X7” and 35 seconds for 6” X8” prints.


Improved output speed

The improved speed of the new CY-02 will be most noticeable for those printing high volumes of 6×8” prints who can now print 3 prints per minute, compared to 2 prints per minute that can be expected from the standard CY photo printer.

The large media capacity and exceptional ease of use make the Citizen photo printers CY-02 the perfect dye sublimation photo printer for applications where infrequent media replenishment is a priority, such as retail outlets, event photographers and photobooth operators and amusement parks. More prints are possible due to the media capacity and easy media change. The robust CY-02 printer ensures users spend less time servicing the printer and more time focusing on their customers.

The CY-02 produces 700 4×6” (10x15cm) or 350 6×8” (15x20cm) prints per roll.  While monitoring tools and drivers ensure users are in complete control of all printer functions at all times.

Gary Andrews, EMEA Business Manager, Photo Printers, Citizen Systems Europe, said:
“The arrival of the CY-02 photo printer is significant for those whose business requires both speed and a large media capacity. The CY-02 not only delivers on these promises, it offers excellent print quality and reliability too”.




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