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Distribution ERP

Solution Overview Distribution management is a process of creating and developing product distribution network between the source (Producer) and end

Integra Manufactoring ERP


Integra ERP Production is proven software for manufacturers of different verticals in small and medium segment. It is an advanced purpose-built solution by which companies can manage their complete operations, from raw material procurement to finished goods dispatching. Integra ERP provides material planning and cost control mechanism, easy production lining for semi finished and final product. Raw material stock and costing will automatically affect as per the standard consumption ratio when entering a production voucher. Each production line costing is most important factor for the manufacturing companies due to process involves various functionalities that incurring additional cost in each stage. After each stage of production line, deriving a semi finished product or a working progress with added cost of consumables and factory overheads, hence will reach the final product and its cost of production without any manual costing calculation. More over each production stage raw material related to the product automatically updating stock and any time stock position in raw material storage will be correct.

In a process oriented manufacturing industry, real time costing is an important elements as it directly affecting the profitability of the organisation. Cost accountant has to gather enormous information on cost of raw materials involved in the different levels of production line and has to calculate operational overheads in each stage to reach in to the product costing. This is not possible without proper automation through the reliable ERP solution and IT infrastructure. Integra ERP provides the flexibility in automated production costing addition throughout the production line and helps the management formulating pricing policy. Day to day or batch wise costing is an important element to deriving proper pricing policy and helps to maintain the margin ratio.

Raw material procurement is also a Himalayan task for a manufacturing industry. Market search, product and price comparison, rejection ratio analysis, quality checking mechanism, stock level management, lean time calculation etc are the most important factors in material management department. Automatic vendor grading and finding preferred vendor for raw material considering various factors like deliverability, proper timing, low rejection ratio, credit and flexible payment conditions will be helping hand to management.

Style and nature of production process will vary product to product according to the nature of production process and management policies of the production unit. Market conditions and marketing policies will also to take care for selecting production process. Generally there have 4 types of production methods namely line production, batch production, job production and piece work production methods. In a purely process oriented industry and where performing continuous production normally selecting line or batch production method. Integra ERP has considered various production methods that can be flexibly configured according to the need of management. At the time of implementation considering the product lining, production and management process we can derive which method has to be implemented

Integra Retail ERP

Integra Retails ERP is a most user friendly enterprising software for retail business like retails stores, supermarkets, showrooms and dealer of different segments. Integra ERP for Retails seamlessly covers purchase and vendor management, inventory management, customer management, sales and accounting for small, medium & large trading enterprises.With Integra ERP we can keep track of the availability of your stock thus enabling complete visibility of your stock warehouse and also gives an insight into moving and non-moving stocks thus enhancing the value chain.Tracking customer requirements and collections are made easy with Integra ERP thus enabling delivery of goods efficiently and in a timely manner. Thus retail Integra ERP for traders is a complete solution to integrate and optimize your retail and inventory processes.
Integra ERP retail modules have specially customized features to provide maximum flexible operation in segments like all types of retail & wholesale traders, hardware paints showrooms, cement and steel dealers, Tiles and Sanitary dealers, Electrical and Electronics shops, Furniture marts, Grocery shops, Stationary shops, Bakery shops, Supermarkets, General stores, Consumer stores, Department stores, Gift and card shops, Foot ware and shoe marts, Textile and apparent showrooms, Spare parts dealers, Computer hardware dealers, Machinery and spare parts, Oil and chemical dealers, Ayurveda medicine agencies and many more…
 Integra Retail ERP Solution Model
Purchase Order Processing ·        Purchase Indent·        Purchase Order·        Vendor Management·        Vendor Grading·        Multi-level Approval System Purchase Management ·        Landing Cost Calculation·        Purchase Discounts·        Automatic Accounting
Inventory Management ·        Godown Management·        Stock Management·        Multi-level Grouping·        GRN·        Stock JournalSales Order Processing ·        Customer Management·        Credit Control Management·        Deliver
Marketing and sales Management ·        Designing Marketing area·        Deploying of marketing staff·        Target and incentive management·        Flexible pricing policies·        Sales schemesAccount Management ·        Integrated Accounting·        Easy tax setup·        Bill wise receipt and payment·        Cheque control and PDC management·        Pay order with multiples level of approval·        Cash flow, fund requirement statement
HR and Payroll Management ·        Leave Management·        Staff Loan Management·        Salary advance management·        PT,ESI & PF·        Salary preparation·        Statutory Reports·        Staff HistoryCommunication ·        Print Bulk letters and envelops·        Bulk SMS and Email·        Internal; Chatting Among users·        Circular Management·        User wise schedule and task·        User wise diary/notes