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Citizen Photo Printer CX02

CX-02S; An enhanced version of CX-02 for self-adhesive media

The Citizen CX-02 is proven in the market for both print quality and reliability. The CX-02S model is an enhanced version of CX-02, designed to cope with the rigours of printing self-adhesive media (sticker media). The adhesive media has been designed to adhere to most substrates with minimal rippling (trapped air), so it’s great for a multitude of different applications, including; school yearbooks, scrapbooks, wall stickers, etc. Unlike some competitor models, CX-02S carries a full 2-year warranty, so you can operate your printer without the worry of unscheduled maintenance and costs.


Epson Surecolor SCP 900 Printer

Be Inspired.

The photographic print defines the true art of photography. As the canvas is to a painter, the print allows you to portray every detail of your creative vision clearly — and for all to experience what you felt at the moment of capture.We are introducing the SureColor SCP900 — a breakthrough in professional printing technology.Drawing from over 20 years of experience, the SureColor SCP900 incorporate the same large-format printing technology used by the world’s leading photographers into a sleek, compact design, allowing for the creation of exhibition quality prints from the convenience of a desktop.