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Premium printing for professionals

When quality and speed is critical to printing your photos, look no further than the Citizen OP900ii.The OP900ii is a high-performance dye sublimation colourfast photo printer that prints up to 50% faster than competing machines and is easy to use with both Windows and Mac OS X. While the robust construction and fast throughput help to make the OP900ii a favourite of professional photographers, it is the exceptional quality that delivers a consistent luxury finish that secure its status as one of the best photo printers on the market today.Choose the OP900ii for outstanding colour.The OP900ii has been independently tested by colour consultants, who found that there are four key reasons why the OP900ii is the best printer on the market for both colour and B&W printing.Download Product Brochure Here

Citizen Photo Printer CX02

Portable High-Quality Photo Printer

When quality and portability are critical requirements for your photo printer, look no further than the Citizen CX-02. The CX-02 joins Citizen’s highly regarded CX Dye-sub printer range, offering new levels of quality, portability and compactness.

The CX-02 is 2kg lighter than the CX model and 15% smaller. It can still produce a lab-quality photo print in just 8 seconds. Then there is the new ribbon reward function. No more wasted ribbon and paper when printing single 4 x 6-inch photos using 6 x 8-inch media. These features combine to make the CX-02 Compact the perfect printer for event photographers, photo party booths and retail kiosks.

  • On-site photo printing (leisure & event photography, receptions etc.)
  • Photo retail printing
  • System & photo kiosk integration
  • Retail & event photo booth printing
  • Other commercial and industrial applications

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Citizen Photo Printer CX02

The Citizen CX-02 is proven in the market for both print quality and reliability. The CX-02S model is an enhanced version of CX-02, designed to cope with the rigours of printing self-adhesive media (sticker media). The adhesive media has been designed to adhere to most substrates with minimal rippling (trapped air), so it’s great for a multitude of different applications, including; school yearbooks, scrapbooks, wall stickers, etc. Unlike some competitor models, CX-02S carries a full 2-year warranty, so you can operate your printer without the worry of unscheduled maintenance and costs.Click here to know more

Citizen Photo Printer CX02W

Wide-format dye-sub printing
The latest model to join the Citizen CX-02 family is the wide-format 8in (20cm) model, the CX-02W. The CX-02W is able to print both 8x10” and 8x12” and is based upon the same ultra-reliable print engine as the CX-02. Even greater control of print quality comes via the new grey calibration feature in the printer driver. The CX-02W is only a little wider and heavier than the CX-02, so retains the portability of the CX-02 range.Click here to know more

Citizen Photo Printer CY02

Large media capacity and exceptional ease of use make the CY-02 the perfect dye-sublimation photo printer for the Event Photography and media printing segment. Its Product 700prints without changing paper and ribbon.Click here to know more

Citizen Photo Printer CZ-01


Professional Quality and Performance in an Ultra-Compact Body

Creating an entirely new segment within the Citizen range, the light and compact CZ-01 4" photo printer will produce stunning photographs for enthusiast photographers, as well as those looking for an affordable solution for professional and commercial applications. The CZ-01 weighs just 5.8Kg - a full 8Kg less than the Citizen CY-02 photo printer, making it easy to transport and handle. Additionally, it occupies just 31% of the volume and 44% of the CY-02’s footprint, ideal if you need a small photographic printer that doesn’t compromise on performance.

  • Compact & lightweight - just 5.8Kg
  • New anti-curl function for perfectly flat prints
  • New cooling system for volume printing applications
  • 4 x 6” ” and 4.5 x 8” media available
  • 150 prints per roll of media (4 x 6” media)
  • Eco-friendly with 28% power consumption reduction
  • Windows, Mac drivers and SDK (Software Development Kit) for direct integration with professional software solutions available
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